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Q. What is skip tracing?

A. Skip tracing is the process of tracking down the whereabouts of a person who has “skipped town” (hence the name). Typically, they have left few clues behind as to where they may have gone, which explains the challenge in trying to hunt them down.

Q. Is there a minimum charge or min. order?
A. Minimum order is one (1) and minimum charge is $4.95.

Q. Is there a discount if I order more than one?
A. Yes.  Please see under bulk pricing on Order Now page.
Q. How long will it take to get back the results once submitted?
A. Normally within 24 hrs. unless it is during holidays and weekend which may take longer time.

Q. How accurate is the information?
A. It is most up to date tel. no. and address. If person is deceased, there will be no tel. no. and therefore no charge. If all the telephone no. provided came back as dead end, we will provide your next search for free. 
Q. What do I tell the person if they ask me how I got hold of their no.?
A. You can tell them that you got it from public information and change the subject.
Q. Can you skip trace LLC or businesses?
A. Yes. Charge is $30 due to the time it will take to research and get the information needed. Contact us directly for this information.
Q. Do I have to have both the name and address? What if I only have the address? 
A. If you don't have the name, we can research for you, and the charge would be $9.95 per search. 
Q. How accurate does the name and address need to be?
A. it needs to be as accurate as possible. if you misspell the name or address, the result may not be accurate. That’s why it is best to fill in as much info. as possible on the form such as middle initials, suffix, and last address associated with the name.
Q. what if the result coming back is a dead end?
A. We suggest you try the wife's name or vice versa. If that is also a dead end you can let us know and we can research relative names and get you contact information for those people. 
Q. Can I do one search under both names of husband and wife? i.e. John and Cindy Adams.
A. No. Only one name at a time. If you do both names, it will be rejected and returned without any numbers.
Q. Is the skip tracing guaranteed? 
A. Nothing is guaranteed 100%. If someone is deceased, there will not be a phone no. for them.  We are 99% accurate. If for whatever reason you get nowhere and all the no.s are incorrect, call us and we will try to locate a relative or spouse contact info. for you. 
Q. Can you provide any other info. other than tel. and most current address.
A. It will depend on what your are looking for. Email or call us and we can try to answer your questions or concerns.